Online Courses

I'm excited to announce the opening of my first online vocal training school at Teach:able!

Let me tell you about my first new offering:

What would a 13-video course be worth to you if it had 5 decades of successful professional experience behind the training? Well, here it is:

"Speaking Voice Technique" is now open for enrollment!

"Speaking Voice Technique" is a professional level online vocal training course available at Teach:able..

  • If your voice is valuable in your life and work...
  • If improving your vocal sound could increase your voice's reach and impact...
  • If eliminating strain and improving your vocal health could keep you talking with ease

...then this course can give you the voice you need!


Don't miss the 2-week Early Bird Deal:

  • Get 30% off if you enroll before August 4th, 2022!

  • Simply enroll in Speaking Voice Technique and use the coupon code LAUNCHSALE at checkout.


What they're saying...

I went into this course assuming I didn’t have much to learn… I couldn’t have been more wrong! Every segment I felt like I was inhaling new information. After going through this course I’ve noticed a huge change already in my everyday speaking voice… I cannot recommend it enough.

If your voice is your business as a teacher, coach, podcaster, sales rep or musician, you’ll appreciate “Speaking Voice Technique,” to warm up, use and protect your voice. The course isn’t so long that you won’t finish it  and not so pricey that it’s prohibitive, but I guarantee you that you’ll get new knowledge that can prevent and save a strained, raspy voice. Get her advice to correctly prepare for your events and take care of your voice so you have little to no downtime.