Singing In The Studio

$1,500 to $6,000 or more for one song...

That's the typical budget per song for a radio-ready, sellable master. A 10 song project? You do the math.

$450 to $1,500 or more for one song...

That's the typical budget per song for a demo.

What's it worth to be able to nail the vocal on that song?

I’ll get right to the point. A great vocal vs. a mediocre vocal can mean life or death to a professional music career.  Trying to capture that magic vocal without knowing how can cause budgets to go over and voice-defeating frustrations to build.
It’s never been more important to not settle for less than the absolute best vocal you can record.

I’ve been singing on hits in the studio for over 4 decades, and leading other singers for almost that long. Producing other voices in the studio made me realize the great need for a trustable source of information that could conquer studio vocal limitations -- and maximize vocal impact.

That’s why I created the breakthrough new multimedia guide “Singing In The Studio”.

"This guide is something the industry has needed for a long time"
- Milan Bogdan, producer/engineer on over 200 Gold and Platinum records in multiple genres

Don’t bother trying to compare this studio singing system to others … there is nothing else like it out there. This program is a culmination of all my extensive experience in the studio as a staff jingle singer, session singer, recording artist, vocal coach, recording producer and vocal producer/consultant. It gives advice that has been proven time and time again to quickly enable vocal magic in practical studio situations. It also includes insights from 7 other top studio pros.

"Forgive me for sounding a little jaded, but the odds of having a real career in music are really stacked against you."Singing In The Studio" is full of what you need to know to actually break through."
- Michael Moore, head of promotions responsible for over 1 billion dollars in music sales [read Moore's full independent review; reposted by permission at my Facebook page

What can this system do for you?

Imagine this:

You are a singer in the studio about to record a very important vocal. If you haven’t acquired the knowledge contained in “Singing In The Studio”, you may experience the following:

  • Lack of confidence
    You don’t know who you should be singing to, you are not set up at the mic in a way that your voice works best, you’re worried about what those people you see in the control room are going to think about you when you start singing. That bagel you ate has long turned to dust and your cool shoes are hurting your feet, adding to your mental fog.
  • Lack of vocal ability
    You’re having tone and pitch problems, you run out of breath too soon, and your dry, tight throat starts hurting. You can’t do what your producer is asking, can’t get emotionally connected to the song, things go from bad to worse because you don’t know how to fix anything and you get frustrated and even tighter in your throat and chest. You don’t even know what to suggest about the cue you’re hearing through your headphones, but what you’re hearing is not helping.
  • The recording project goes over-budget
    Either your or your client’s or investor’s time, money, and effort are being wasted and in the end, no matter how long you slave over your performance you just don't feel you have magic.
  • You have to settle for a vocal you know you could have done better.

Armed with the knowledge contained in “Singing In The Studio”, here’s how it will go instead:

  • You go into the vocal booth excited but confident.
    It may be a new place but it feels strangely familiar, because you understand what the gear is and what you use it for. You might even know things the engineer doesn’t about how to best set yourself up at the mic.
  • You can sing with control and focus.
    You have more breath than you need for any line and because your voice is ‘on’, you just go into the ‘zone’ and connect with the song.
  • You meet or come in under-budget.
    You get vocal ‘magic’ early and don’t need to use all the studio time booked. You might take that extra time to experiment and see if you can even beat your best, but whatever, you come away with a final vocal that you are proud of.
  • You get that vocal that moves the heart of your intended audience.
    If you are attempting to make a living in the music business, you get a vocal that can move your career.

I witness these scenarios all the time. Unless you have extensive experience singing professionally in the studio, there is no way you could obtain this kind of information … UNTIL NOW.

“Singing In The Studio” is going to be a part of required reading for all of my developmental artists from now on. The wealth of invaluable information contained in these pages is presented in a concise, unambiguous manner.  Judy’s forty-plus years  of experience in every aspect of vocal performance is immediately apparent from the first page. Judy Rodman is the true definition of ‘professional’ ”.  
Ron Oates, multiplatinum, multigenre producer, pianist and arranger

Some of the ways this guide benefits singers:

  • You learn how to prepare yourself physically, intellectually and psychologically days, weeks and months ahead of singing studio vocals.
  • You learn how to do a great vocal warmup routine correctly by watching the video demonstration that’s included in this guide, and then you warm your voice up on the way to the studio with the audio file, also included.
  • Rehearsals and pre-production practices go much smoother and more is accomplished without vocal strain.
  • You know how to set yourself up in the vocal booth so that you automatically apply better breath, throat and communication techniques, freeing you to give an emotional performance instead of a technical one.
  • You know what to do with your arms, hands, legs, face, body language and posture to give your voice good support and control and release tension.
  • Headphones become your friend instead of your enemy. You know how to wear them, what to ask for in the headphone cue mix, and what you need taken out of it.
  • The studio is all the more friendly and supportive because you know and practice studio etiquette.
  • You know what you need to wear (and not wear) and bring to the studio and why.
  • You know what to do to keep your voice healthy.
  • You learn studio vocal techniques used by top pros and vocal producers which work miracles.
  • You can control and hold long notes longer  with better breath support.
  • You know what to do when your producer asks you for ‘MORE!’ (Hint… it’s counterintuitive and it works like a charm.)
  • You learn the techniques of punching in and matching lines.
  • You learn techniques to sing high and low notes so that they reach the mic with richer resonance, more control and a surprising lack of tension.
  • You learn to sing in ways that extend your  vocal range with rich, usable tone throughout your range.
  • You what to do at the mic to improve your vocal control dramatically.
  • You know techniques that can conquer pesky and frustrating pitch problems.
  • Because you, the singer, know how to control vocal intensity and volume, your engineer can use less compression, which gives a richer recorded sound quality to the vocal.
  • You can end a studio vocal day with no vocal strain. That’s right. None. It happens all the time with the techniques taught in this program.
  • You can articulate lyrics in a way that best communicates within your musical genre.
  • You – yes even you- can eliminate vocal breaks.
  • You are able to sing in mixed voice giving you tonal options such as singing a note in head voice for a breakdown chorus, chest voice for a last chorus.
  • You know how to blend and sing tightly with background and other groups in the studio.
  • You learn how to free the voice to accomplish vocal licks and ‘scat singing’ in the vocal booth. You also learn when to use them and when to leave them out.
  • Fear no longer freezes you in the vocal booth because you are confident and know how to rein in and focus your mind, entering “the zone” at will for an amazingly powerful performance.
  • Veteran stage performers, you can finally get the vocal magic of your live performance in the studio! You know special tricks to make your voice feel as at home at the studio mic as it does when you are playing an instrument.
  • You get tips, techniques and insights important for professional session singing.
  • If you are a recording artist, you learn how to define yourself as an artist.
  • You become knowledgeable about what comprises a production team and how to plan a typical recording project.
  • You stay more vocally healthy with the practical information on how to avoid vocal health issues, what to do when sick, how to recover voice.

Some of the benefits for production teams

  • Your singers are better prepared and more confident going into the studio.
  • You know how to set the singer up in the booth to accommodate the type of posture that enables automatic vocal advantage.
  • You understand singer psychology and can therefore coach them into better performance.
  • You can offer more creative suggestions for various headphone cue adjustments that could help a singer experiencing problems.
  • Your singers understand when you suggest doing mic shootouts.
  • You know how to ask for ‘more’ from your singer in a way that results in more powerful performance, not more vocal strain or lack of control.
  • You can offer real solutions that work for frustrating vocal problems your client is having.
  • You get better vocals from their singers who experience much less frustration, vocal strain and dissatisfaction … and everyone wins!
“Singing In The Studio” is a great comprehensive work that helps any singer at any level. Recommended reading for all musicians and recording techs to aid in the understanding of what singers deal with”.  
Salem Jones, lead singer of rock band 'One Soul Thrust'

But wouldn’t it cause a singer to sing mechanically and without heart if they study a system like this?

In fact, the information in this package teaches a singer how to free the voice of tension, fear and many other limitations even as passion and power are applied.

What exactly is “Singing In The Studio”?

“Singing In The Studio” (capturing vocal performance magic) is a one-of-a-kind multimedia system for singers and production teams.

The multimedia package includes:

  • A jam-packed 130 page book.
  • 7 audio “interviews with studio pros” (about 3 hours of discussion about studio singing with top engineers, producers and session singers).
  • 1 audio vocal warm-up; can also be used for warm-down after performance.
  • 1 video demonstration of vocal warm-up exercises.

The price:

“Singing In The Studio” multimedia system is priced at $54 for the DVD (FREE Shipping) and $49 for the Instant Download.

Isn’t this a lot of money for a book, some interviews and a warmup?

There is a ton of professionally proven information in this multimedia system, but bottom line:

What would it be worth to have information that would eliminate even one singer’s issue that sabotaged his or her vocal performance in the studio? Or offered one tip that released a singer’s freedom of expression to create the vocal that blows previous attempts away?

The book is a compilation of years of successful work I’ve done in every studio vocal situation you could imagine.  To augment my own thoughts and experiences, I include hours of interviews with other studio pros who have credits with many of the biggest artists in entertainment history. The package also contains an extremely effective vocal warm-up routine I use all the time to get voices prepared for studio work. To make sure you do the vocal exercises properly, I include a video showing how to do these exercises with the correct form. It would take many hours of expensive vocal lessons to get a portion of what is in this course.

For people who want and need to get that great vocal recording, this system is priceless.

“As my producer, Judy helped me create an award winning project. She knew how to get my very best, and that information is in ‘Singing In The Studio’ !”
Emil Bishaw, recording artist, winner of ‘New AC Artist 2010’ by New Music Weekly

Who is the author?

Judy Rodman. For a partial list of my studio credits, go to

Here is a short bio:
Judy Rodman has decades of award-winning experience in the studio as top session singer, vocal contractor and arranger, hit recording artist, songwriter and vocal coach. She was named 2011 "Best Vocal Coach" by and Aug, 2013 "Vocal Coach in Residence" by TC Helicon's Voice Council Magazine. She created “Power, Path & Performance” vocal training system used by studio and live performers all over the US and internationally. She is a multi-genre recording producer and member of other production teams as vocal producer. She has had #1 records as artist, songwriter and producer. Rodman is a published author with her million+ viewed blog "All Things Vocal",  and over 60 articles at Her articles have appeared in books, magazines and websites such as TC Helicon's new book "The Ultimate Guide To Singing", Eric Normand's book "The Nashville Musician's Survival Guide", Vocals Magazine, Indie Connect Magazine, Music After 50, Nashville Music Pros, A2Z Vocal Coach ezine, Music Competition Network ezine,, and many more. Rodman developed and hosts “All Things Vocal” podcast . She is a public speaker and gives advanced workshops and presentations on the voice and vocal production. Her vocal students and recording clients include top recording artists and indie musicians. Her latest songwriting successes include a single she co-wrote and produced "Gambler Of Us All" which appeared in the 2015 Robert Duvall movie "Wild Horses". Judy and her husband released their 2015 album to rave reviews as "John and Judy Rodman". Judy Rodman is a member in good standing of SAG-AFTRA,  AFofM and NATS

Still not sure this is for you?

As much as I’ve told you, I know it can still be hard to know if this product is for you. For your peace of mind, I offer the following sample:


PS...If you are a singer or work with singers going into the recording studio, you owe it to yourself to get this system today. There’s never been anything like it, and it comes from the real world of recording great vocals from a master at getting them.