Six reasons to record a Judy Rodman song

  1. Judy Rodman songs have been cut by many artists including Loretta Lynn, Wynonna, Tammy Wynette, Diamond Rio, LeAnn Rimes and Randy Travis and herself.
  2. She has a BMI Million-aire award for her #1 song One Way Ticket (Because I Can).
  3. She has ASCAP and BMI song catalogs at BMG Music, MCA Music, Warner/Chappell Music, Chrysalis Music and her current publishing company, Favorable Wind Songs.
  4. She has written songs for country, contemporary pop, alternative rock, bluegrass, Celtic and blues artists, and songs for the musical theater productions "Runaway Home" and "We The People"
  5. Her co-writers include hall-of-fame legends Jerry Foster and Dave Loggins, also with smash hit writers J.D. Martin, Loretta Lynn, Dewaine Orender, Thomas Cain, Marc Beeson, Ronny Samoset, Tom Damphier, Karen Taylor-Good, Gene Nelson, Carol Chase, Jane Bach, Jeff Black, Kurt Howell, Robert Jason, Keith Hinton, Jimmy Scott, Barbara Orbison, Michael Stergis and Louise Goffin, acting director Darren J. Butler and Grammy winning producer Ross Vannelli.
  6. Judy embraces uniqueness and excellence in songwriting, writes lyris, music and/or both. She writes from and to the heart, likes out-of-the-box creativity, loves writing to the specific project and personality and believes in a good groove!

If you would like a compilation song cd to consider for recording, contact Judy with the details, focus and genre of your project. Please note: Issuing and paying mechanical license fees for at least 500 digital or physical sales will be requested.

Judy’s Songwriting History

Judy Rodman’s first publishing contract was with MTM Music. She wrote many of the songs on her MTM albums. She Thinks That She'll Marry hit #9 on the Billboard country chart. Another of her songs, A Place Called Love, became the title of Rodman’s second album. Loretta Lynn recorded When I'm in Love All Alone, which Judy co-wrote with Dave Loggins. Judy and Loretta co-wrote More Alone. The MTM catalog is now with BMG Music.

After MTM Music went out of business, Dave Loggins signed Judy to a publishing contract in his joint-venture company with MCA called Shy Piper. She credits Loggins for teaching her much about songwriting that she passes on to others to this day.

Judy signed with Warner Music Group in 1990. She wrote many songs alone, including the beautiful ballads Shadow Of Her, Carry Them With Me, and The One Who Loves Her Wings, a woman’s anthem. In 1996, Judy co-wrote One Way Ticket (Because I Can) with Keith Hinton. LeAnn Rimes recorded the song, produced by Chuck Howard, and Judy found herself with a #1 single again. The song went on to sell over a million copies, landing the coveted MillionAire award from BMI.

Her Warner songs cut include Demons And Angels recorded by Diamond Rio for Arista Records' Closer To The Edge album, Girl Thing recorded as a duet by Tammy Wynette and Wynonna for Wynette's pop-duet album on Sony, A Cloud Of Dust by Maureen McCormick, and A Crack In My Armor, co-written with Judy’s brother Billy, recorded as album title song by bluegrass great Randy Koors. Randy Travis cut Passing By on a Warner Brothers album that has not yet been released. In addition, around 15 more of her Warner/Chappell songs have been cut on independent label albums and by current new artists shopping for recording deals.

In 1987 Rodman left Warner Chappell and signed a split publishing deal with Chrysalis Music and her company, Because I Can Music. Though there are no released songs from this catalog yet, many songs have been on hold for several major artists. The Heart You Save, No Limits On Love, In The Line Of Fire, Then I’ll Take You Back, and When The Honeymoon's Over have been cut by new artists shopping for record deals.

Judy’s many co-writers include award-winning songwriters Dave Loggins, Ross Vannelli, Bryan White, Karen Taylor-Good, Robert Jason, Jimmy Scott, Jerry Foster, Shantell Ogden.

Judy Rodman is currently writing for her own BMI publishing company, Favorable Wind Songs. For this catalog, Rodman has become a multiple genre writer, writing songs for musicals and multiple genres of indie artists.

Latest successes: Her cowrite with Michael Black "Missing Child" was cut by Emil Bishaw and became a theme song for the national Missing Children's Organization. The video on the song was featured on Nancy Grace and was on the CNN website for months in 2010. She co-wrote'Be My Rain' with Shantell Odgen, who included it in her 'Ghosts In The Fields' album which won IMEA American Album of the Year 2014. Her cowritten song 'Gambler Of Us All' was in the Robert Duvall movie 'Wild Horses' in 2015. Her cowrite "Forgive My Sins" garnered 1/2 million views on Facebook in 2015.

Check with Judy to see if she has a song for you!