Recording Services

Whether you are an experienced pro or you are new to the studio, you will need some team members for your project. Depending on your budget and the size and type of your project, your recording team may include some or all of the following: an executive producer who takes care of financial and logistical aspects, a main producer, a vocal producer, recording engineer(s), musicians and background vocalists. Sometimes a team member wears multiple hats.

I offer the following services: Pre-production vocal lessons, Vocal producer, track producer, background vocals and arrangements. I also offer original songs and co-writing for projects on a limited basis. Contact me for an estimate of cost for your project.

Judy has a wonderful gift when it comes to vocals/BGVs/producing (all things music). I've watched her stack vocals for the biggest jingle company there is & she's a perfectionist. She shows the very same passion in coaching vocalists. She is truly amazing.
- Robby Turner, world renown steel player, producer, currently touring with Chris Stapleton

Vocal Producer

Vocal production is a specialty field of expertise. If you are a producer, you may wish to consider including a vocal producer in your budget who can greatly increase the quality of your client’s final vocals, resulting in greater client satisfaction and possibilities for commercial success. I'd be happy to speak with you about my services for your production team. I do love being a part of a great team.

I continue to hear from radio stations how great the vocals are. Your vocal recording fee was the best money I spent on my record!
- Shantell Odgen, IMEA Americana Album of the Year winner recording artist

Why hiring a vocal producer is important:

  • Too often, most of the time, money and creative energy available is put into the instrumental tracks of a recording project. Then, almost as an afterthought, the vocal is quickly recorded. Let’s face it: in this competitive marketplace it takes a great vocal to sell an artist and/or a song.
  • Sometimes a veteran performing artist needs help getting vocals in the studio like they do in live performance.
  • It’s easy to hit the talkback button in the control room and tell a singer "give it more passion on this pass", "you’re out of tune", "your voice is sounding thin and weak", "I don’t believe you yet", etc. The poor singer can be left emotionally, physically and vocally exhausted and experience a loss of confidence. It takes a vocal producer to tell you how to fix problems and get a singer's best on tape.
  • A vocal producer can help even a modestly talented singer get amazingly effective vocals in the studio... and can help a great vocalist maximize studio vocals for commercial hit potential.
  • Simply put, you need a vocal producer when you need to have your best vocal performance recorded. Even pro recording artists need trustable feedback from the control room. The only time you don’t need one is when another recording team member is also a vocal producer/coach as well...and this is rare.

I'm so grateful to be working with you. I appreciate your talent and expertise! All the artists love working with you and you not only are great yourself but you really know how to help other singers. I don't think there is anybody better!
-Bob Bullock, multiplatinum producer

Judy Rodman’s Vocal Production Experience

I have been producing solo and group studio vocals for decades on commercials and background vocals, demos and masters- including huge radio hits. I produced some of the finest session singers in Nashville on karaoke projects of many genres, including rock, r&b, classic pop, classic and contemporary country, southern and contemporary Christian. I produced vocals on hundreds of songs in my various catalogs at RCA, Warner Chappell, Chrysalis and MCA. My production clients have included new artists in genres including celtic/Christian, alternative rock, pop and country. I am often hired to produce vocals by other producers, managers & engineers.

Wow, Judy Rodman! Speechless. None of this is possible without you. Team work. Love you!
-Roger Ryan, Grammy, Dove, Juno award winning producer

Recording Producer

I produce full recording projects in many different musical genres, striving for sonic excellence, honest emotional impact and individuality in every production. I specialize in mentoring creative singer/songwriters toward the recording projects they want to complete. I serve as vocal instructor for all my production clients, and often co-write with them.

I got to see so much creative life breathed into my music thanks to the amazing musicians and my wonderful producer and vocal coach Judy Rodman.
- Jenny Tolman, new artist, on her first album

Types of projects I produce include:

  • Piano or guitar vocals and worktapes
  • Full track song and artist demos
  • Finished mastered projects ready for sale

Background Vocals & Arrangements

If you need vocals on your project, I will bring the voice, experience, creativity and professionalism needed to take your project to a whole new level. I've been singing in recording studios for over 3 decades, hired as vocal arranger, contractor and producer on thousands of projects including jingles, master albums, demos, and Karaoke catalogs. I specialize in innovative vocal arrangements that lift the production out of the ordinary. I can sing any style or genre, and have sung in French, Norwegian, Hispanic, and Japanese languages with specific dialects.

A partial listing of my recording clients:

  • Vocal Producer:
    Worked with producers including Greg Archilla, Roger Moutenot, John Willis, Bob Bullock, Roger Ryan, Britton Cameron, Ron Oates, Rogers Masson, Tom Paden, Dick McVey, Jay Vern, Michael Stergis, Ilya Toshinsky, Mark Goodman. Produced vocals for artists including Jennafer Lynsey, Maria Sara, Adia Victoria, Pam Tillis, Lydia Waldrop, Joy Kate, Shantell Ogden, Molly Porter. I served as vocal producer for major Karaoke projects of all genres, booking and producing some of the best AFTRA session singers in the world.
  • Instrumental Track & Vocal Producer:
    Full productions for country duo 'Flyte Three' and singer/songwriter Jenny Tolman. Full co-production and keyboardist with Christian pop artist Marky Silvers. Full production and cowriting with teen singer/songwriter Sophie Hanneken. My pop production client Emil Bishaw won "New AC Artist" 2011 at NewMusicWeekly; the single from that album "Since You Left" stayed at #1 on several indie charts for 9 weeks. I was music producer, music director and songwriter collaborator with Darren J. Butler for "Runaway Home- the Musical" and "We The People" musical. My multiple genres of production have included Christian contemporary artists Christa DeJarnett and Andrea Penzel, Christian Celtic-classical artist Julia Loewen, alternative rocker Chylde, singer/songwriter Buddy Smith, novelty songwriter writer Dr. Dwaine Allison, actress/singer/songwriter Maria Standing Rock, novelist/singer/songwriter Jenni Schaefer, Christian singer/songwriter Dawn Nichols, award-winning singer/songwriter Jordyn Mallory, Alabama singer/songwriter Cecilia Halsey , country rock Colorado performer Kasie Smith, Christian artist Tiffany Haseker.
  • Background Vocalist and Arranger, Voice-over Talent:
    I have sung for all kinds of artists in a multitude of genres including pop, R&B, bluegrass, progressive country, western swing, contemporary Christian, southern gospel, jazz, alternative rock, southern rock, Celtic and classical. I was staff jingle singer for 6 years at the world's largest jingle company William B. Tanner. My lead & background vocals and voice-overs have been used on thousands of TV and radio commercials. My session vocals and arrangements can be heard on decades of radio hits cut in Memphis and Nashville studios. I sang with such legendary groups as the Leah Jane Singers, The Nashville Edition, and added female vocals to the Jordanaires. My studio vocal credits include blues greats Carla Thomas (BJ’s daughter), Ann Peebles & O.V. Wright, pop artists such as Don McClain, country legends George Jones, Ed Bruce, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Crystal Gayle, Jerry Lee Lewis, Brenda Lee, Ray Charles, Tammy Wynette, Lee Greenwood, Ray Stevens, Tanya Tucker, Johnny Paycheck, The Gatlins, Dolly Parton, Reba, Wynonna. I have been hired to arrange, lead groups and sing bgvs in the West Frankfort, Illinois studios of 3ABN. I continue my session work on masters and demos in studios all over Nashville.

Whether you are looking for a vocal producer, project producer or session singer & arranger, I have the ability and the experience you need. Schedule my services for your next project!